Our Issues Matter...

We should not be doing this ALONE. 

Opioid Crisis

This Issue Touches Us All

    This is a crisis that is killing our families, touches every part of our community.

    We need to work together to provide accurate information and effective rehabilitation centers to get people the help they need. 

    We need to target and prosecute those drug dealers and pill pushers. This is an issued that touches all of us.  We can do more. 

Mental Heath

Get People the Help They Need

     Mental health is a serious illness. 

     Tami will do what needs to be done to make sure that Floridians are getting the help they need and the information for families looking to help their loved ones. 


Give Parents a Choice

    Tami has seen first-hand how the education system has failed so many students. Public education should be supported but more can be done.

    Tami will give parents a choice by supporting school choice, voucher programs, and scholarship programs such as McKay.


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Republican for Florida Senate District 31.

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